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250KW iHouse-B250 Container-type Energy Storage System

Short Description:

Establishing a core index evaluation system, establishing a state model for different types of power stations, conducting regular automatic inspection of cores, and providing a basis for decision making on maintenance and replacement of cores.

Product Detail

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Support multiple charging and discharging control strategies, and can seamlessly switch between grid-connected and off-grid operation modes.





Perfect protection strategy to ensure safe and efficient operation of the system

Modules can be configured from 150kWh in iHouse-A150 up to 2mWh in iHouse-C2000, from lead-acid batteries to LFP batteries.

Quick response

Input and output of active and reactive power within the rated power range.

EMS management

  • ·Cross-platform design: support for Linux Windows operating systems
  • ·Configurable design: graphics and model reports can be configured flexibly
  • ·Modular design: Plug and play with multiple protocol stacks
  • ·Easy to use: one-click installation and automatic configuration
  • ·Stable and reliable operation: MTBF>10000h for hot standby of main and standby machines

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