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DOWELL home battery storage HESS-12HY

Short Description:

· Store the solar power during the day and supply power for household equipment during night;
· Serve as power backup for household during power cuts occur;
· Store power during off-peak hours and supply during peak period, minimizing the high electricity bills during peak hours;
· Provide power supply for islands or remote area where is no power grids, by combining with solar system.

Product Detail

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Model HESS-12HY
Max. input power 5000W
Rated input voltage 300V
Max. input voltage 580Vd.c.
MPPT voltage range 125 – 550 Vd.c.
MPPT voltage range (full load) 300~520V
Max. input current 2*12A
PV short circuit current 15A
Rated input voltage (Nominal) 230Va.c.
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Max. input power 5000W
Rated input current 21.7 Aa.c.
Max. input current 24 A.a.c.
Feed-In Type Single Phase
Rated output apparent power 5000VA
Rated output voltage 240Va.c.
Rated output current 21.7 A
Max. output current 24A
Rated output frequency 50Hz
Power factor 0.99,0.8Lead~0.8Leg
Rated output apparent power 5000VA
Rated output active power 5000W
Rated output voltage 230Va.c.
Rated output current 21.7 A
Max. output current 24A
Rated output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Humidity range 10%-90%
Operating altitude range <3000m
Ingress protection rating IP54 (Outdoor cabinet)
Ambient temperature range -20°C to +45°C
Round Trip Efficiency 87%
Warranty 5
Design life 10
Communication 4G Wireless
Noise Level @ 1m < 40 dBA at 30°C
Dimensions 1800 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm
Weight 600kg
Mounting options Ground/outdoor
Certifications UN62109-1/2, IEC/AS62040-1 AS4777.2-2020
TUV SUD Marked, CE
Grid Connection AS/CA 5042.1
AS/CA 5042.4
Emissions EN61000-6-3 EN301 908-1 EN301908-2 EN301908-13 EN301489-1/+52
Environmental RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
Vibration UN238

Be Annoyed with the increasingly expensive electricity bills? Or furious about the power system that crashes from time to time? Take it easy! The Dowell HESS-12HY home energy storage system can make these troubles disappear from your life. By pairing a solar panel system with HESS-12HY, you can achieve energy independence, reduce your home's electricity costs, maximize the efficiency of your solar panel usage, and prepare in advance for periods of high-demand electricity use and unexpected power outages. 

All-in-one design

This design reduces many complicated installation steps and avoids fumbling to connect various interfaces and harnesses. It is also easy to carry and saves time for rewiring. With its IP 54 protection grade, the HESS can operate normally both indoors and outdoors, without special maintenance.

Big power and large capacity

The 5000W mega output power can meet multiple high-power appliances running simultaneously. With a large battery capacity of 19.4 kWh, it is enough to ensure that you can power your daily life for 1-2 days during power outages.

Reduce your bills

The combination of the HESS-12HY and solar panel system is the perfect solution for powering your home. When the solar system generates too much electricity, store electricity in the HESS-12HY instead of wasting it. When the solar system can't meet your electricity needs, let the battery power join. If facing a time-of-use tariff charging policy, you can store cheap grid electricity in your HESS-12HY and then use it when expensive, which is equivalent to using electricity at the cheapest price all the time.

Off-grid or grid-connected?

You don't need to make a choice. . HESS-12HY can switch freely between two working modes, which allows for a better return on investment. The price of electricity, local subsidy policies, weather, and other factors change in real time, so you need to make timely adjustments according to the actual situation, switching back and forth between grid-connected and off-grid modes.

Achieve power independence

In modern society, power outages are unacceptable. HESS-12HY also can be seen as a backup power source for your home, which allows you to rest easy in the event of power outages and natural disasters, without the anxiety of no electricity available.


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