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Large-scale Utility Solution

Clean energy is the future!


In the background of global carbon footprint reduction, utility distributed clean energy plants have become a key part, but suffering from intermittency, volatility, and other instabilities.

Energy storage has become a breakthrough for it, which can change the charging and discharging status and power level in time to reduce the fluctuation and enhance the stability of power generation.

Dowell BESS System Features



Grid auxiliary

Peak cutting and valley filling

Reduce grid power fluctuations

Ensure stable system operation



Delaying capacity expansion

Power dispatch

peak-to-valley arbitrage


A turnkey solution

Easy to transport and install

Highly scalable modular design


Rapid deployment

Highly integrated system

Improve operating efficiency

Low failure rate

Dowell BESS Utility Solution

Pairing energy storage devices with new energy distributed power plants effectively suppresses power fluctuations, reduces the capacity of standby power plants, and improves the economy of system operation.


Project Cases

sre (4)

40MW/80MWh” Energy Storage Power Station

Project Capacity:
200MW PV Power
40MW/80MWh energy storage power
Connected to the 35kV Boosting Station
Commission Time: June 2023

This project adopts containerized arrangements. The main system of the project contains 1 set of EMS system, 16 sets of 2.5MW converter-booster system, 16 sets of 2.5MW/5MWh lithium-ion battery units. The batteries are converted and boosted to 35kV by PCS and connected to the newly built 330kV boosting station through 2 sets of 35kV high-voltage cable collector lines. Also, the station is equipped with fire-fighting system, air-conditioning and ventilation system.

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Dowell 488MW Energy Storage Project

Covering an area of 1,958 acres with a remarkable installed capacity of 488 MW. This cutting-edge project boasts 904,100 PV modules and supports the construction of a 220 kV booster station, energy storage power station, and transmission lines.

With an annual generation of 3.37 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy, this project not only will save a staggering 1.0989 million tons of standard coal, but it will also significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.62 million tons!

This energy storage initiative is breathing new life into the local villages and towns, injecting vitality and prosperity into their industrial and economic development. It's a true testament to our commitment to promoting green and low-carbon energy transformation.