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residential solution

Smart Household Power Solution 

Your home needs stable and money-saving power!

High electricity consumption is commonplace in many households, and with today's high electricity prices, high electricity bills are a significant expense in the household.

Home energy storage devices can store excess solar power for later use and help you achieve Time-Of-Use arbitrage. In addition, as a stable backup power supply, it can also save you a lot of trouble.

Dowell Home Battery Features


Long Service Life

Reliable quality with ATL's cells

10 years guarantee

6000 cycles of life



Store excess

solar energy Achieve

Time-of-Use arbitrage


Energy Independence

Meet off-grid needs

Switch between grid and

off-grid models


Backup Power

Guarantee basic electricity

needsKeep medical

equipment running

Residential Solution

While Dowell is involved in projects of commercial or utility scale, we have not forgotten the many householders and small businesses who want to enjoy the benefits of solar and storage. Dowell has solutions for users who are new to the solar and storage revolution, using our hybrid inverter and our battery.

Dowell also has solutions for users who have already bought solar power at an earlier time when the ability to include storage was not available. This uses a different type of inverter (Retro-fit) to be added to the existing system and the addition of a battery.


Dowell Ipack Home Battery 

ipack C6.5

DOWELL home battery storage ipack C6.5

iPack C3.3

DOWELL home battery storage iPack C3.3


DOWELL home battery storage iPack C13

Project Case


Malta Government Project

  • Address:     Maltese Islands
  • Date:     2022.1
  • Type:     Utility; Off-grid
  • Scale:     5kW+26kWh
  • Battery:     4* Dowell iPack Series 6.5kWh
  • Inverter:     1* DEYE Sun Series 5kW

It is a small off-grid project for the Malta government, requiring a total capacity of over 23kWh. Due to limited installation space, the batteries had to be small and easy to install. In addition, the battery protection rating should not be lower than IP65 to avoid corrosion caused by the high humidity on the island. 

To meet the requirements, Virtue Solaris installed four Dowell iPack Series 6.5kWh energy storage batteries and one DEYE SUN Series 5kW inverter. With remote #guidance from Dowell engineers, the installation process went smoothly.

Since the end of January, the system has operated stably without any failure. The project will provide clean and reliable electricity to the island of Malta, improving the stability of the local microgrid system.

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German Household Project

  • Address:     Dermany
  • Date:     2022.1
  • Type:     Household; Grid-connected
  • Scale:     4.6kW+13kWh
  • Battery:     2* Dowell iPack Series 6.5kWh
  • Inverter:     1* Luxpower 4.6kW 

It is a small household grid-connected project from a German customer. That comprises two Dowell iPack series 6.5kWh home batteries, one Luxpower  4.6kW Hybrid inverter, and one Solis 5G series 3phase PV inverter.

According to the analysis, Germany's electricity price is about 45 cents (39 euro cents) per kWh, ranking third in the EU. This project is expected to generate at least 10 kWh of electricity per day for homeowners, helping to reduce exorbitant electricity bills.