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Economic Hybrid Solution

Customize your power needs more economically


Dowell hybrid solution contains solar power generation system, energy storage system and diesel generator.

Dowell energy storage system uses PV and battery to supply power to the load, and diesel generator as a backup power to supply power to the load when PV and battery are insufficient.

Dowell Hybrid Solution Features


Cost savings

Provides 24/7/365 energy at a lower cost than grid power extension or running a diesel generator


New revenue channels

Serve off-grid customers, provide electricity and improve the marketability of renewable energy.


Optimal for remote areas

Secure high-quality access to electricity in remote areas or wherever grid capacity is limited, and support electric vehicle charging in urban areas.


One-stop service provider

Services encompassing expert analysis and simulation of your energy data, financial support, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and ongoing operation and maintenance.


Reduce CO2 emissions

Instead of pure diesel generators, solar hybrid power generation is a sustainable solution that can significantly reduce carbon emissions.



Security & quality of supply

Avoid power interruptions and reduce fuel dependency by switching seamlessly to alternative energy sources.

Dowell Hybrid Solution Illustration

When the solar power generated by the PV system is insufficient to meet the electricity demand of the load, the battery steps in to provide the required energy.

In cases where there is no sunlight, and the battery alone cannot sustain the load's operation, the system controller initiates the diesel generator to start.

While the diesel generator is supplying power, and the solar power becomes sufficient to meet the load's demand, the system controller intervenes to disconnect the diesel generator and switches back to the PV system and battery as the power source.

Once the backup diesel generator is activated, the Energy Management System (EMS) takes charge of the Power Conversion System (PCS) to ensure continuous battery charging. It maintains the diesel generator's operation at peak efficiency levels, enhancing the overall system utilization. The PCS and diesel generator input are seamlessly synchronized to prevent any economic losses due to power interruptions.


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