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150KW iHouse-A150 Container-type Energy Storage System

Short Description:

The energy storage system based on electricity mainly provides auxiliary services for the combined frequency modulation of generator sets or the independent grid-side frequency modulation to cope with the load changes, which is an important means to ensure the stable and economic operation of power grid.

Energy-based energy storage systems are generally used for grid assisted peak shaving, new energy generation and user-side peak shaving. It can provide power support to ensure the grid frequency stability, or as a backup power source.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Model Size 150kW/150kWh
Parameters 150kWh
Nominal  capacity 150kWh
Rated radio 1C
AC output voltage 400V
AC  output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power 150kW
Work mode On grid&off grid
Cycles ≥4000
Ambient  temperature -25℃~+50℃
Battery work temperature 15℃~+35℃
Altitude <3000m
Container 10feet
Protection grade IP54
Fire  protection grade Fire alarm, heptafluoropropane extinguishing
Weight(kg) 4500


One-stop solution

IHouse provides a turnkey solution that integrates battery pack, PCS system, BMS system, air conditioning system, fire fighting system, monitoring system, etc. The built-in EMS will remotely monitor the operation status and data of the system and intelligently control and coordinate all modules.

Long battery life 
Battery life has a direct impact on investment return. Under normal maintenance, the cycle life of the system can reach more than 1 million times. The BMS monitors current, voltage, and other data in real-time, and it will disconnect the battery pack as soon as an abnormality is detected.

Wind-cooling system 
In order to provide the battery with an optimal working temperature, the container is specially designed with an independent air duct design, and equipped with special industrial air conditioning, to ensure the heat dissipation of the system.

Modular architecture
The system adopts a modular architecture and is easy to expand. And the capacity can be flexibly configured according to customer requirements.

Fault early warning 
Based on the operation of equipment, historical data, abnormal conditions, and the adoption of artificial intelligence algorithms to reflect the pattern of faults, to achieve accurate prediction of faults.

Services we provide

  • ·Comprehensive spare parts preparation.
  • ·7*24 hours remote data operation.
  • ·Real-time SMS gateway and online alarm event response.
  • ·Light load operation mechanism during fault periods (if allowed).
  • ·Remote cloud-based fault elimination for 75+ fault scenarios (cumulative).
  • ·Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual operational data analysis and optimization mechanisms.

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