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DOWELL home battery storage iPack C3.3

Short Description:

Modular Design: Support one person installation
Safe Performance: LFP chemistry
Expandability: 6 batteries can be parallel-connected
Luxury Design: Compact and light with stainless Alumimum cover

Product Detail

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Model Name iPack C3.3
Nominal Energy(kWh) 3.3
Usable Energy(kWh) 3
Nominal Voltage(Vdc) 51.2
Operating Voltage Range(Vdc) 48-57.6
Charge/Discharge Power (kW)
     · Recommend 1.65
     · Max. Continuous 3
     · Peak 4.14/60sec
DoD 95%
Cycle Life >8000/25°C
Design Life 15+Years/25°C
Weight(kg) 30
Cooling Type Natural
Humidity 5%~95%(RH)No Condensation
IP Rating IP20
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Cell Safety Certification IEC62619/ UL1973
PACK Safety Certification IEC62619/ CE
UN Transportation Test Standard UN38.3 / PI965
Communication Port CAN
Single string quantity(pcs) 8


Power outages, emergency power backups, and high electricity prices, these new real-life power needs drive the emergence of home energy storage batteries, from which the Dowell IPACK series stands out. By pairing a solar panel system with IPACK, you can achieve energy independence, reduce your home's electricity costs, maximize the efficiency of your solar panel usage, and prepare in advance for periods of high-demand electricity use and unexpected power outages.


World-class battery quality

IPACK series home storage batteries use ATL's LFP cells, whose performance is far superior to other batteries of the same class in the market. Coupled with Dowell's self-developed BMS system, it can monitor the operating status of the battery in real-time and alarm timely to avoid operation out of limit. Besides, to ensure worry-free use for customers, IPACK battery has a 10-year guarantee and a cycle life of more than 6000 times.

Reduce your bills

The combination of IPACK 3.3 and solar panel system is the perfect solution for powering your home. When the solar system generates too much electricity, store electricity in the IPACK 3.3 instead of wasting it. When the solar system can't meet your electricity needs, let the battery power join. If facing a time-of-use tariff charging policy, you can store cheap grid electricity in your IPACK 3.3 and then use it when expensive, which is equivalent to using electricity at the cheapest price all the time.

Reliable backup power supply

When a power outage or natural disaster occurs, it can work as a backup power source, and then its importance is self-evident. It keeps the lights on in your home and keeps essential equipment and appliances, especially medical equipment, running normally. It can charge your EV to avoid the inconvenience of power outages to your travel.

Flexible and lightweight

IPACK 3.3 battery only weighs 30KG and can be carried by one person alone. In addition, it has high expandability and up to 6 batteries can be parallel-connected, up to 19.8 kWh, which undoubtedly provides customers with autonomy, as they freely combine batteries to meet their needs according to the actual electrical load.


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